Sealed With a Purr by Celia Kyle : Shifter Crack Review

Shifter Crack by Celia Kyle : Yes Please!  Celia recently released book six in her Ridgeville series.  You know me, I had to read it :) .

Sealed with a Purr

Going to Georgia in order to watch over a handful of women is not Harding’s idea of a good time. With the death of Alistair McCain—ex-leader of Freedom—there’s a lot of clean up going on. That includes helping Freedom’s released captives recover in a safe environment. Hence, Harding having to make the trip down south. Really…how hard could it be to keep five women safe? Harder than he thinks.

Because there are two women who hardly speak, another who hardly has an inch of control, and then another who feels the last woman rounding out the group should die. It’s that last woman—curvaceous, lush, and gorgeous—that intrigues him the most. Tess is beautiful, alluring, and…his.

Tess knows pain, hatred, and hopelessness. What she doesn’t know is hope or love. Harding Grange is tempting her to discover both…with him. The massive lion shifter entices her with his strength, torments her with his body, and lures her with his tortured memories. They have a painful past in common, but while he’s ready to jump into mating, she’s trying to figure out the easiest way for him to kill her if she goes crazy after she’s Changed. Because she is, after all, Alistair McCain’s daughter.

**Special thanks goes out to Lisa J for naming Maya’s twins.  They’d still be nameless terrors without her!**

My Thoughts:

I simply love this series.  Tess was a very interesting character.  She had a less than ideal childhood.  Ok, it was just plain evil.  Her “father” was Alister McCain, which if you follow the series explains it all.  He is the epitome of a “bad guy”.  Somehow she manages to grow up being a good person and stronger then she realizes.  Harding is, well he is yummy goodness and while he too has a past, he has overcome it and become a strong member of the pack.  I loved this read.  It is the perfect length for an “escape” read.  I will say I did not find the Mayaisms as strong in this book, but there were still some that had me in stitches!  About this series :Each story continues the main story arc, but is a complete story in and of itself so I can have my little bite of awesome and not be on edge waiting to see where the cliffhanger will lead us.  

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