T. L. Shreffler – Advice on dating a were wolf and review

T. L. Shreffler is here today to help us figure out just what one should do when dating a werewolf.  I so wish I had that advice years ago ;).  She is the author of the adult books Mark of the Wolf and Blood of the Wolf, as well as the ya novel, Sora’s Quest.  Sora’s Quest happens to be free on Amazon today.  
The Unnatural Advice Column: Help! I’m dating a werewolf!
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Dear Un-Advice,
Yes, it’s official: I am dating a werewolf. We just “came out” two weeks ago. So far my friends and family have been pretty weird about it. At first I thought they were just being racist (is racist the right word?), but then my best friend confided in me: she thinks her boyfriend might be a werewolf too!
Call me naïve, but I had no idea that Joe (my bf) was a werewolf until he told me! My friend was asking for signs, but I have no idea! What should I tell her to look for?
Thanks a lot,
-FuzzyinLove (Black River, NY)
Hi FuzzyinLove,
Congratulations on your “new” relationship… dating a werewolf is certainly different from dating your average “Joe.” (Pun intended.) Your friend poses a good question. Let me enlighten you on a few sure signs that your boyfriend is actually a werewolf:
  1. Excess shedding. Do you notice your shower always filling up with pubic hair? Are your clothes constantly covered in unexplained fur? Have you kissed your boyfriend’s chest – just to spit out a mouthful? Werewolves are shaggy beasts and will spread it all over the house!
  2. Beef jerky. Boys will be boys… and wolves will be wolves! It’s embarrassing to keep doggy treats around the house, so if you notice your boyfriend always munching on beef jerky, I’d definitely take it as a sign.
  3. Night owl. Have you awakened in the middle of the night to your boyfriend playing videogames? Does he work the nightshift at a bar or hotel? Does he get hyper after the sun goes down? Wolves are highly nocturnal and love to go outside at night, even in their human forms.
  4. Avoids chocolate. Wolves’ stomachs are sensitive to sugar and eating a whole chocolate bar will send them to the hospital. So he’ll stay far away from it!
  5. High Booze Tolerance. Werewolves are hot-blooded and burn through calories like no other, so if your boyfriend goes through a whole six-pack in one sitting and doesn’t get drunk, I’d be highly suspect!
  6. Stamina. Does he last for hours in the bedroom? Does one touch make him hard? Does he prefer you stinky and sweaty just after the gym? Werewolf!
  7. Road Rage. Wolves enjoy the chase, so if someone cuts him off on the freeway, don’t be surprised if he flips out and runs them down.
  8. Talking Long-Term. On a sweeter note, your werewolf boyfriend will always choose your side, defend you (fight to the death, literally), and stay true to you for a lifetime. Wolves mate for life, so if your boyfriend is talking marriage after 2 weeks, don’t worry. It’s only natural.
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Mark of the WolfMark of the Wolf by T.L. Shreffler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 Playing girlfriend to a werewolf isn’t easy and Maddy has enough problems, like an abusive step-father, a greedy loan shark and way too much math homework. But Gareth is everything a man should be: six feet tall, green eyes, black hair to die for… and somewhat animalistic tendencies. How is Maddy supposed to straighten out her life while helping him become Alpha of his old werewolf pack?

When I first began this book, I had in my head it was YA. Not because it was misrepresented or anything, but just because that was in my brain. For that reason, I was a bit shocked when things took an adult turn in language and content. Once I got into the mind set that this was an adult book (which it really, truly is), I was completely engrossed in the story. It was different from many were stories I have read in that it really showed the animalistic nature of weres, even when they are in human form. This gave the book some different dimensions I really enjoyed experiencing. There were times I would cringe at what was happening because it was so completely not ok in my world, yet as the scene progress, I would realize that it was acceptable and made sense to the animalistic nature of the werewolves.

The character of Maddy was extremely interesting and complex. In some ways, she was as instinctual and animalistic as the werewolves in the story. She was old beyond her years, yet very young and innocent. I tend to find the darkness of man much more terrifying than anything a super natural creature can throw out there, so her relationship with her stepfather was, to me, the scariest and darkest part of this book. The author held nothing back which, made the book so much more than simply a were romance, even though that was there, also. Seeing all that she had struggled through in life made me feel really protective of her and I think that is why I personally wish that she had been a bit older. Not really older, but out of high school. I am not sure why those few months make a difference to me, but for some reason they really do.

I am very intrigued to see where this series goes from here. Blood of the Wolf is already out and I need to pick it up. The structure of her werewolf pack/society is different from what I have read before and I am looking forward to learning about more of the pack members. This book does have some strong language (it is not abundant, but it is strong) and some very sexual scenes, so this is most definitely not YA even though Maddy is 18.

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