Claudy Conn Shadow Series Review and Giveaway

After reading Claudy’s Fae series (My Review), I knew I had to read her Shadow series.  I was expecting it to be good.  I love a good vampire story and loved her writing, so it was a no brainer.  What amazed me was how much I loved it.  I think a huge part of what I loved about it was that even though it was a completely different story from her Fae series, it took place in the same world and in book two, there were even some overlapping characters.  That being said, if you have not read the fae series and/or have no interest in fae, no worries.  This overlap will just seem like a plot point and not make you feel like you are missing something or got dragged into a world of fae.  I felt like it was just a little gift for her fae fans. Speaking (ok writing) of gifts for fans, Claudy has donated two ebooks to giveaway!  I will be giving one away here and the other on Delphina Reads Too Much FB.  

  Shadow Love: Stalkers (Shadow Vampires, #1)Shadow Love: Stalkers by Claudy Conn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you do when your father wants to turn you into a vampire and the man who offers you protection has his own, dark agenda?

Shawna Rawley has no choice but to run. Pentim Rawley, one of the most evil vampires who has ever lived, has just discovered that she is his daughter. Now he’s obsessed with finding and turning her. She doesn’t want Pentim to find the people she loves and use them to get to her. She doesn’t want him to find and turn her. She has only one ace up her sleeve. The human in her may be at risk, but in addition to being half vamp, Shawna is also a white witch!

Chad MacFare has an offer for Shawna he thinks she can’t afford to refuse: he’ll protect her from Pentim and his minions. But Shawna doesn’t trust the sexy immortal. She knows he has his own agenda-he wants to kill her father, and he wants to set her up as bait…
Claudy did it again! I love, love, love her Fae series, so I thought I would give her vamp series a go. I am so glad I did. One of the many things I enjoy about her writing is that she takes the lore and makes it her own. This book has vampires, black magic, a half vampire/half witch, immortals, and more. She does not stick with the typical vampire story. I love it!!!! The only issue I had with this book was that it kept me up all night reading “just one more chapter”. Of course, that “one more chapter” became the whole book. Consequently, I am very tired today ;). I will definitely, without a doubt, be reading the next book in this series. I am so excited to find a new vampire series to dive into! This was super close to a five star :).

Shadow Heart: Slayer (Shadow Vampires, #2)Shadow Heart: Slayer by Claudy Conn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her name is Nikki Walker, and she is a vampire slayer. She never thought she would have to use her slayer powers…but she does.
She is on the trail of an ancient and secretive vampire called Deadly Moon, and Nikki wants her dead. She has her reasons.
His name is Damon Drummond who some of you have met before, and already know that he is a hunk of an unusual vampire. He is bent on keeping Nikki away from Deadly Moon.
The sociopath vampire, WB, who had been Pentim Rawley’s right hand man has taken over the Pentim clan, and is turning out to be even more of a problem than his predecessor had been. In fact, if someone doesn’t do something soon…Dublin will go dark under his power, and other cities will follow.
Damon and Nikki are on opposite sides. He is a potent vampire–she is a skilled and powerful vampire slayer. Problem right there…but, when they look at each other, sparks of all kinds fly. Too much stands between them. He will live forever…she will not…and yet…

I am beyond tired once again. That seems to happen every time I read one of Claudy’s books. I never seem to be able to put it down and end up staying up most of the night. This book is part two of her vampire series and features Damon, one of the characters from book one, and Nikki, a slayer. I love it when female heroines kick butt :). This book sucked me in from the first page and did not let me out until I had read every page.
I adored the characters and felt like the story line made some nice developments. I am really interested to see how the main story arc plays out. I was beyond excited to have Breslyn and Ete making an appearance in the story and am very interested in how this series will mingle with her fae series (it is one of my all time favorite series). I can not pinpoint what it is about her writing exactly, but it is beyond addictive. I can not wait to begin the next book!!!

Shadowlife-HybridShadowlife-Hybrid by Claudy Conn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chase MacAdams is a hybrid with extraordinary abilities…
Roxie is an Indian beauty, a shapeshifter on her mother’s side and hales from a little known tribe in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Her father is an immortal—Scottish by choice and time.
Thus, a friend, Nikki Walker thinks and rightly so, that Roxie will help in the fight against WB and his vampire clan. They need help because the vicious vampire now has Count Dracula on their side and all of Europe is in danger.
However, they have given Roxie a difficult task. The team wants her to visit with Chase in the highlands of Scotland and convince him to join in the fight. He has already refused, but Nikki doesn’t think he will refuse Roxie MacBran. And for all the wrong reasons he doesn’t…

I did not think this was possible, but I like this book even more than the previous Shadow books by Claudy Conn. Once again, Claudy wrote a book I could not put down (the proof is my sink full of dishes and pile of laundry waiting to be folded). This book introduced two new main characters and a few minor characters. I love how the book focused on Chase and Roxie without leaving out characters from books one and two. The awesomeness of the new characters were that they were both part shifter and I do so love shifters. Roxie was powerful and I adore strong female heroines. I think her character was the perfect addition to the females of her Shadow series.

If I could pinpoint what I liked best about this particular installment was, I am pretty sure it would be that it really built upon the layers from the first two books and everyone played their role in the good vs. evil conflict. I am trying hard not to give spoilers, but let’s say that some minor characters get what they deserve (both good and bad). I am impressed how she was able to transform the Dracula lore to make it her own. I really hope that Claudy continues to write more in this world. I think you could probably read this book without having read the first two books, but I say run out and get all three because once you read one, you will want to read them all ;).

I am not sure what Claudy plans next in her para world, but am really looking forward to finding out.  If para and urban fantasy are not your thing, no worries!  Check out her Regency Romance series.  Here are some places you can find Claudy :): 
Barnes and Noble
Smash Words

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